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Creating a Startup is Cool. You Know What’s Cooler? Creating a Movement.

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It’s been a while since I last put up a blog post and I really apologize. I’ve been absolutely swamped with work and my latest venture MealTics. However, I decided now to take the time out to write a post and share a few thoughts that have been on my mind.

I saw a quote on twitter that really caught my attention. 

“The best founders aren’t starting companies. They’re starting movements.” Tony Conrad #bigomaha

These days because of so many resources it’s a lot easier to launch a startup. Therefore, the standard at which startups are being evaluated is much higher. Just take a look at the comments section of a new TechCrunch article when showcasing a new startup. If you launch a “me too” app you’re going to get called out. If you launch a company that does not seem like it will make a significant impact on anyone’s life, you probably won’t last very long.

Everyday I hear about a new startup venture. Some sound interesting. Some I don’t quite see the vision right away and others I just don’t care for. But what always crosses my mind is if a particular startup has the potential to “ignite the masses”. Does this startup have the potential to revolutionize the market it is in? Will this be a game changer?

These days it’s hard to tell if founders are interested in creating movements or just creating startups. The startup life has been glorified for the past few years (though most entrepreneurs know how draining it is to start a company). Glorified for the independence. Glorified for it’s “coolness”. Have we been glorifying startup founders so much that we have forgotten about the revolutionaries? The game changers?

When Zuck set out to create Facebook do you think he was out to just create a cool web app to have friends keep up with each other? Or did he aim to completely change how friends, family and coworkers can connect and network online forever.

When Howard Schultz was working on Starbucks in its early stages did he aim to create another coffee shop down the block? Or was he set to make drinking coffee, yes just drinking coffee, an all out pleasurable experience.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with those who choose JUST to launch startups. Those who may create a catchy app that lasts a year or two and disappears. Or those who launch startups that make you scratch your head a bit but somehow serves its purpose to a select group of people. But let’s show a little bit more love to the crazies. The ones that go out on a limb and try to change the world. The ones that have the potential to change how we live our lives everyday. The real movers and shakers.


@therealkofi Let me know your thoughts!


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